The evergreen mahogany hair color, has become even more trending these days. This color has been sported by some of the top faces of Hollywood and many others inclined to the fashion domain. This vibrant color is available in a variety of hues. Bold red like, or a subtle and classic mahogany color. A shade of mahogany will highlight your daring personality and makes one stand out among the crowd.


Why Mahogany?

The benefits of this eye-catching color are many. It suits almost all types of skin color, and can be worn be people of any age group. The key is finding the right shade that complements your personality. The mahogany hair color is easy to manage, and lasts longer. Being a dark hair color, it can camouflage your hair flaws like greying, hair dryness and brittle tresses. It can complement many different face types. The vibrancy of the hair color reflects sunlight, making the hair look even more shiny and silky.


Long lasting lustrous locks

The secret to longer lasting mahogany colored hair is the little extra effort that is required to maintain the luster. You should stick to using hair products that are specific to red hair color. These color specific hair products are composed of ingredients that lock the shine of the hair and prevent the color from looking dull and artificial. Using cool water to wash hair will help retain the reddish shine. Use of hot water deprives the scalp of natural oils, making the hair look dry and dull. Applying a glaze to your tresses is advisable not only to lock the color into the strands but also to protect against natural elements like dirt particles.


Besides the type of skin tone, your shade of mahogany should also go well with the hair cut. Darker shades for longer hair and brighter hues for shorter ones. Bangs can enhance the look. The span for which the color lasts is influenced by factors like the frequency of shampoo, and the type of shampoo used. Any regular shampoo can make your bright color look dull in no time.  


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